Here are the Top 5 Reasons Waterfront Properties Sell So Well

Waterfront homes sell fast and sell well. While this may not be true in every example, it’s true for most. These are not the types of properties you tend to see listed on the market for very long and the prices trend higher than homes of the same square footage even in the city. But why? What is it about waterfront properties that commands such great value? Here are the top five factors.

1. Lap of Luxury

Designers and builders of waterfront homes usually prioritize relaxation, convenience and comfort. Because of this, many waterfront properties include special features that increase value, including the following:

  • Chef’s kitchen
  • Spa-themed bathroom
  • Boat docks

2. Outdoorsy Opportunities

With water comes the possibility for water sports, and not just boating. There’s also plenty of room for fishing, swimming, paddle boarding, surfing and kayaking. However, be sure to check with the county laws and HOA for rules regarding use of the water features.

3. The View

Not everyone enjoys being outdoors, but most people at least enjoy looking at it. The sunrise, sunset and a sky full of stars all look a lot better when mingled with a waterfront view. Deer, birds, turtles and beautiful fish are also a common sight on waterfront property.

4. Offers Privacy

Granted, not every waterfront property is without close neighbors. However, it is not unusual for waterfront houses to sit on large lots from an acre to several hundred acres of land. This provides plenty of privacy to entertain, relax and observe nature.

5. Great Investment

Waterfront homes sell well precisely because they are a great investment. Real estate developers, people looking to purchase vacation rentals to generate income and families who plan to downsize later on may all seek out vacation homes to hold as long-term investments.

Purchasing a vacation home is a common route to securing ownership. However, creative homeowners or those with special interests, may have their homes professionally built, instead. Not only do these provide the homeowner with the exact specifications they need, but it gives their home a special edge if or when it goes on the market, many years later.

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