Historic Remodeling

Bringing an old home back to life is a rewarding, challenging and exciting journey. At Clarke Associates, LLC we specialize in historic renovations – from a small remodel to a complete overall.

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Why Embark on a Historic Remodel?

How satisfying would it be to see the before and after of a home in desperate needs of a repairs transformed into a stunning residence bursting with character and history? You may be deciding whether or not to purchase a historic home in need of remodel, or perhaps you've come to a point in your own residence where you're not sure if it makes sense - both in terms of finances and time - to remodel. Perhaps it would be easier to sell and move on?

At Clarke Associates we're here to provide you with our expertise in making this tough decision. Through more than 60 years combined experience we can advise you on the entire remodeling process. Should you opt to remodel, we'll help you to bring out the unique old details and architectural aspects that are are typically lost in modern construction today. In the end you'll have a dynamic, one-of-a-kind home that you can truly say is a labor of love. 


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Although precision is key with all home improvement projects, it's especially relevant in terms of historic renovations, which demand not only incredible skill, but also the experience of craftsmen who understand how historic homes have been built. Our team has all the components necessary to complete you project on time, budget and with beauty and skill. We can replicate original styles while implementing modern technologies and infrastructures such as top-of-the-line insulation, code-compliant wiring and plumbing. 

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