Renovations & Additions

Feeling like you’re running out of space? Want to renovate a room/rooms in your home to increase function and enhance aesthetic appeal? Look no further than our complete home addition and renovation services from Clarke Associates, LLC. We’ve got the experience, expertise and tools to turn any drab space into a dream. We pride ourselves on communication and will keep you updated throughout the entire process. This also allows for ample time to make decisions that vary from the original plan, should this be necessary.


The Benefits of a Home Remodel

A home renovation brings with it a number of inherent benefits. Should you choose to renovate a kitchen or bathroom, this can greatly improve the function of your home. This may be through an enhanced layout that better suits mobility within the space. This could also be through the installation of new resource efficient appliances and fixtures that not only improve the sustainability of your home, but also will help you save money on utility bills as time goes on.

Renovating a space within the home also gives you the option to completely customize to your personal style. Perhaps you moved into your home and weren’t in love with a specific layout, floor or wall treatment or flow of a room? Renovations let you create a space to reflect your personal style. In addition a renovation can provide a great return on investment should you decide to sell in the future – especially true in the case of a bathroom or kitchen remodel.


The Benefits of a Home Addition

Whether you’re deciding to build up or out, a home addition is the ideal way to create a seemingly new home without packing up a bag. The greatest and most obvious benefit of an addition is naturally the increased square footage. Maybe you’ve got a growing family or perhaps an elderly relative who is moving in. Extra space will be the perfect option to make your home work for you and your family.

An addition also provides the option to accommodate extra guest or even the possibility to rent out a space to earn some extra monthly income. As well, if you’re deciding between moving out or an addition, many times an addition will actually end up being much cheaper (and of course much more convenient) than moving. This aspect will depend on the extend of the project and thus it’s a great idea to discuss this with us further.


Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen remodel is one of our favorites. Not only are you recreating a part of the home that you perhaps use the most (and thus will feel the greatest effects) but it’s also the place where you and your family create memories at the beginning and end of the day. No matter what the motivation behind your remodel, we offer a number of expert services that will transform your space quickly and efficiently.

  • Complete kitchen remodeling
  • Countertops
  • Cabinetry
  • Flooring
  • Appliances
  • Fixtures
  • Backsplash & tile
  • And more!

Whole House Remodeling

Should you want to rework your entire home, we’re the team for the job. Our goal is to create a dynamic, beautiful space that reflects you and your family’s personal style and needs. We put function first, ensuring that the foundation is laid so that your daily activities run smoothly and efficiently. Our services cover the entire spectrum of the process. We guarantee you’ll be more than satisfied with the end result and that your vision is kept in the forefront at all times.

  • Flooring & Tile
  • Cabinetry
  • Layout & Design
  • Custom built-ins
  • Patios, Decks & Sunrooms
  • Finished Basements
  • And more!

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